Driveway Cleaning Services

Clean DriveBesides just looking good a clean drive will add value to your home if you decide to sell. Similarly, a professionally cleaned patio area is a delight to use as the “Outside Room” to the envy of your neighbours.

Revitalise your Drive or Patio, make the most of your colour, remove dirt, grime, mosses, algae, tyre and rubber marks etc, using the latest petrol driven high-pressure washers.

Firstly, we prepare the entire patio or driveway area by sweeping clean, remove large weeds and remove all rubbish. If needed a fungicidal wash is then applied, eliminating weeds and moss. We also break down severe stains such as oil and grime on the surface. Drains and gullies are cleared and covered to prevent blockage during the operation. The drive or patio is then scrupulously cleaned using the latest petrol driven high-pressure washers, to ensure a deep surface clean, removing any grime, moss and weeds etc.

After the initial clean any visible stains on the paving become evident, and can be treated with the appropriate method of removal, ensuring no damage is caused to the surrounding gardens and flowerbeds. Any agreed remedial repair work is actioned at this point. Any weed killing operations are now performed, leaving the surface to dry before the next stage. When the blocks are dry, any displaced sand in the joints is filled with fine kiln dried sand.

The work will normally be done within a day depending on the size of the area that needs attention. Re-sanding can normally be done 24 to 48 hours after cleaning.

N.B. Power-washing will not always remove all stains, oil often needs to be removed with a special oil-cleaning compound, cement stains may need to be removed by mechanical and/or chemical action, and rust can prove impossible to clean. Power-washing will also not undo the effects of ultra violet fading of the dyes used in coloured concrete manufacture, but it will make the most of what colour remains, by removing dirt, and surface vegetation, hence releasing the natural splendour of the paving beneath.

We promise you will not believe the difference! So, call us for a free Inspection and Survey/Quotation.

Please call us for a free Inspection and Survey/Quotation.

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