A New Patio for your Home

PatioA patio that suits its purpose requires some thought in creating the best patio design with enough space.

You have options for your patio design. They can give you additional living space and drive up the value of your home. However, before you start building, you’re gong to need a patio design.

Patios should be oriented toward the best view of your backyard and take sun and shade into consideration, along with present or future backyard landscaping. Beautiful outdoor rooms can be created with walkways to link your new living spaces.

After dark you can stay outside if your patio is illuminated with soft low voltage lights. You can even get lights that look like boulders!

If your property has a slight slope to it, there is no reason why the patio can't be on one or more levels! This design feature is very appealing if each level is the right size.

Small doesn't have to mean dull and uninteresting. A smart patio design, no matter how small, can be a fun escape from indoors. Using a simple 15' x 15' space, you can have an area for sitting, gardening, entertaining, and even a water feature.

Patios Gallery

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